Social report 2016

Use of the Data

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Franziska Ehrler, Felix Bühlmann, Peter Farago, François Höpflinger, Dominique Joye, Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello und Christian Suter (eds). Swiss Social Report 2016: Wellbeing. Zürich: Seismo-Verlag.

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Data on subjective wellbeing

Overview on the data sources containing data on subjective wellbeing used in the Swiss social report:

Data on subjective wellbeing


List of Abbreviations


AHV Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance (Alters- und Hinterlassenenversicherung)
ARE Federal Office for Spatial Development
AREA Swiss land use Statistics (Arealstatistik der Schweiz)
ASTRA Federal Roads Office
BEVNAT Statistics on Natural Population Change (Vital Statistics)
BFE Swiss Federal Office of Energy
ESPOP Annual Population Statistics
ESRK Topical Survey on Language, Religion and Culture
ESS European Social Survey
ESTV Federal Tax Administration
ETS Employment Statistics
EU European Union
Eurostat Statistical Office of the European Communities
FOEN Federal Office for the Environment
FORS Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Siences
GDP Gross Domestic Product
HBS Household Budget Survey
IDEA International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
ILO International Labour Organisation
IRTAD International Transport Forum
ISCED International Standard Classification of Education
ISCO International Standard Classification of Occupations
ISSP International Social Survey Programme
IV Invalidity Insurance (Invalidenversicherung)
MOSAiCH Measurement and Observation of Social Attitudes in Switzerland
NCCR National Centres of Competence in Research
NRP National Research Programme
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PETRA Statistics on Foreign Population
SBFI State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation
Seco State Secretariat for Economic Affairs
Selects Swiss Electoral Studies
SFSIO Swiss Federal Social Insurance Office
SFSO Swiss Federal Statistical Office
SGG Swiss Society for the Common Good (Schweizerische Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft)
SHP Swiss Household Panel
SILC Statistics on Income and Living Conditions
SKOS Swiss Conference for Social Aid and Welfare
SLFS Swiss Labour Force Survey
SNF Swiss National Science Foundation for promoting scientific research
STATPOP Statistics of Population and Households
SUVA Swiss Accident Insurance
UNECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
UNO United Nations Organisation
VZ Swiss Federal Population Census
WHO World Health Organisation
ZAR Central Register of Foreigners (zentrales Ausländerregister)


AT Austria
BG Bulgaria
CH Switzerland
DE Germany
ES Spain
FR France
IT Italy
PL Poland
PT Portugal
RO Romania
SE Sweden
TR Turkey
UK United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
US United States of America (USA)

Political Parties

BDP Conservative Democratic Party (Splintered from the SVP in 2008 and founded as a national party)
CSP Christian Social Party
CVP Christian Democratic Party of Switzerland
EVP Evangelical People’s Party
FDP Swiss Liberal Democratic Party (Fusion of the FDP and the LPS at the national level under the title “FDP.the liberals” in 2009)
GLP Green Liberal Party of Switzerland (Splintered from the Green Party Zurich in 2004 and founded as a national party in 2007)
GPS Green Party of Switzerland
LdU Alliance of Independents (1936–1999)
LPS Liberal Party of Switzerland (Fusion of the FDP and the LPS at the national level under the title “FDP.the liberals” in 2009)
SP Social Democratic Party of Switzerland
SVP Swiss People’s Party