Social report 2012


Question wording: question 1: “Would you say it is generally good or bad for Switzerland’s economy that people come to live here from other countries?” Question 2: “Would you say that Switzerland’s cultural life is generally undermined or enriched by people coming to live here from other countries?”
Answer categories: question 1: Scale from 0 (bad for the economy) to 10 (good for the economy). Question 2: Scale from 0 (cultural life undermined) to 10 (cultural life enriched). Percentages correspond to respondents who indicated values from 0 to 4.

Sample size: ESS 2002: 1503; ESS 2004: 1663; ESS 2006: 1804; ESS 2008: 1819; weighted data.

Source: ESS 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008.

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